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Our graphics department can help your bring your vision to life.
The Display Sales Graphics Team is committed to helping you step to the front of the crowd and be noticed with our offering of graphic services. Whether it’s smoothing the way to production for your design, or creating something brand new, we are ready to bring our expertise.

City Banners

Lake Dock Summer Street Pole Banner
Floating Dandelions Summer Street Pole Banner
Basket of Leaves Fall Street Pole Banner
Wheat Stalks Fall Street Pole Banner
Kids Event Art Museum Street Pole Banner
Pub Crawl Event Banner
Music In the Park Event Street Pole Banner
Car Show Event Banner
Welcome to Long Beach Summer Street Pole Banner
Umbrella with Spring Rain Street Pole Banner
Winter Cottage Street Pole Banner

Cities, civic organizations, and museums often utilize our street pole banners for promoting upcoming events, changing of the seasons and the holidays, as well as displaying patriotism.

School Banners

Small Business Development College Pole Banner
Architectural Department Gonfalon
High School Bears Sports Team Street Pole Banner
Trenton High School Senior Class Pole Banner
Football Athletic Banner
College Life Campus Pole Banner
High School Tigers Sports Team Street Pole Banner
College of Design Gonfalon
Engineering Department Campus Pole Banner
Northern California University Campus Pole Banner
Open Enrollment Campus Pole Banner
Pincelli Academy Senior Class Pole Banner

Academic institutions utilize our services to display their logo with campus pole banners and also during graduation ceremonies in the form of gonfalons and podium banners.

Custom Banners

St Benedictine Custom Banners
New Castle Custom Companion Banner
Morris County Custom Gonfalon
Hempstead Hall Custom Street Banner
Juniata College Commencement Graduation Banner
Downtown Tempe Guitar Custom Street Banner
University of Arkansas Community College Gonfalon
Gordon Hospital Custom Companion Street Banner
Southwestern College Custom Pole Banner
Colton City Four Seasons Custom Banner

Businesses also use our custom banners at trade shows and for promoting events at their location. Our printing process allows for custom artwork to be provided for every order.

Custom Graduation Banners, Podium Banners, Gonfalons, Military Banners, Street Pole Banners, & Business Banners
Western Heritage Museum Event Banner

Looking for inspiration?
Check out our banner design catalog or purchase banner hardware to maintain your existing banners! Our designs are ready to produce. We are even able to personalize these designs at no extra charge.

Digital Print Process

  • Unlimited UV ink colors
  • Printed on both sides

Choose your digital media:

18 Oz. Vinyl: 2 ply, opaque vinyl with a scrim, rod pockets on top and bottom, grommets, printed on both sides.

Poly Canvas: 2 ply, poly/cotton fabric with acrylic coating, matte finish, rod pockets on top and bottom, grommets, printed on both sides.

Screen Print Process

  • Choose from 1–3 colors
  • Imprinted on both sides
  • Single ply with double lined rod sleeves
  • 10 WeatherGuard fabrics to choose from

our process


    Explore the banner catalog to find ideas for your perfect banner OR submit your own design.


    Contact your Sales Specialist at 800-328-6195 to get a quote.


    Email your art to


    Receive an electronic proof.


    Place your order after approving your art.

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    Banner Buying Guide

    Banners vs. Flags

    Banners are generally displayed vertically and are secured at the top and bottom with hardware.  Flags fly freely and are secured at the top only.


    How Large of a Banner Should You Get?

    Banner size is determined by pole height. The size of banner best suited for your display depends upon the size of the pole it will be installed on.

    Small Banner Graphic
    Small Banners

    Measure approximately 16” to 18” wide, 36” to 45” high.

    Low level poles, sometimes called pedestrian poles range from 8 to 18 feet high.

    Small Light Pole Graphic
    Medium Banner Graphic
     Medium Banners

    Measure approximately 16″ to 18″ wide, 48″ to 60″ high.

    Mid-level poles range from 18 to 30 feet high.

    Medium Light Pole Graphic
    Large Banner Graphic
    Large Banners

    Measure approximately 24″ to 30″ wide, 72″ to 86″ high.

    Large poles, sometimes referred to as highway or utility poles range from 30 feet plus.

    Large Light Pole Graphic

    What Is A Banner Bracket System?

    At Display Sales, we know that a successful banner program starts with the proper bracket system. Display Sales has spent twenty-five years developing and field testing the best banner systems available. Our rustproof, cast aluminum brackets and flexible fiberglass rods are designed to reduce wind load and keep banners taut to reduce wear on the banner and rods.

    Which Type Of Bracket System Is Best For Your Installation?

     WindScale 8 Series Banner Bracket System
    • Designed for 16” to 24” wide by 45” to 54” long
    • WindScale 8 Series casting comes in black only
    • Choice of silver or black 27” adjustable banding
    • For an additional charge heavy duty Band-IT® banding is available in silver or black

    System Includes:

    • 2 – black coated aluminum castings
    • 2 – fiberglass rods designed to flex with the wind
    • 2 – stainless steel pins to secure the banner to the casting
    • 2 – zip ties to secure the banner to the casting
    • 4 – 27” black powder coated stainless steel adjustable bands
     WindScale 12 Series Banner Bracket System
    • Designed for banners 24” to 30” wide by 60” to 90” long
    • Heavy-duty hardware comes in silver or black
    • Choice of 27” or 40” adjustable banding in silver or 27″ black
    • For an additional charge heavy duty Band-IT® banding is available in silver or black

    System includes:

    • 2 – no rust, heavy duty aluminum castings
    • 2 – fiberglass rods designed to flex with the wind
    • 2 – stainless steel pins to attach the rod into the casting
    • 2 – zip ties to secure the banner to the casting
    • 6 – stainless steel adjustable straps

    How Long Will Our Banners Last?

    This depends on how well the banner is installed. Banners that are installed properly and maintained will have the greatest success of longevity. Banners must be installed taut on a bracket system. If banners are bowing from wind, they will wear out faster. Wear shows by creases in the banners, tearing at the grommets, ink cracking.

    WeatherGuard Banners
    100% Not prorated – 3 years after purchase against ripping and/or tearing under conditions of use and service. The FABRIC manufacturer warranties the 100% marine acrylic for five years against rot, mildew, and variations of dimensional stability and color. The warranty, if applicable, is limited to replacement of the fabric only. All printing costs are separate.

    Vinyl Banners – 18 oz. 2-ply construction
    100% Not Prorated – 1 year after purchase against ripping and/or tearing under normal conditions of use and service.

    Poly Canvas Warranty
    100% Not Prorated – 1 years after purchase against ripping and/or tearing under normal conditions of use and service.

    Bracket Warranty
    100% Not Prorated – 5 years of continuous use under normal conditions of use and service.

    Not Covered

    • Banners greater than 30″ x 80″ in size
    • Banners installed without using a top and bottom rod pocket
    • Banners installed on spring loaded bracket sets
    • Damage as a result from acts of nature, vandalism, or accidents
    • Damage as a result from road vehicles, tree branches, other hardware on the street pole
    • Cracking of the substrate due to poor installation
    • Lost product after proof of delivery

    Custom Design

    We can help you create a design that is just right for your organization. Display Sales offers the services of a professional graphic designer at the rate of $125 per hour. We will work with you to design custom art for your project. We comply with US copyright law and as such cannot replicate licensed characters or other artist’s intellectual property.

    Do You Offer Installation Services?

    No we do not.  We offer well-written instructions for installation.  Our Customer Service department will happily offer you technical assistance via telephone as well.  When planning a banner program installation is an important consideration.  City public works departments and utility companies are a good place to start when looking for installation assistance.  Also it is important to gain permission to install banners from the entity that owns the utility or light poles prior to purchasing and installing banners or decorations.


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