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At Display Sales, all of our flags are 100% made in the USA with only the highest quality materials.
Our flags are Valley Forge manufactured and FMAA certified. We even offer U.S. flags made to exact government specification as required by law to be used in executive buildings. We’re so confident in the quality of our flags, we have a one-year colorfast guarantee to ensure your flag’s colors don’t fade too quickly. Invest in a flag today for a long-lasting way to show your community support.

Actively participate and show your pride in both your community and local heritage.
With Display Sales’ huge collection of U.S. flags, state flags, military flags, and international flags, you can showcase your appreciation for any number of entities. Not only do we have flags, but we also provide all the necessary flag hardware and flag accessories to ensure your flag is flown safely and beautifully.

Our large selection of hard to find and unique military & service flags will surely impress veterans or current service personnel.
We highly respect the time-honored traditions involving the flag and its ceremonies, and it shows through our range of service flags. Find the right flag pole topper to match your flag for any event celebrating servicemen. It could be matching the brass battle axe pole ornament alongside the firefighter’s flag, or the brass army spear alongside an Air Force Flag or Marine Corps flag. Every product has a purpose.

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Custom Flag Orders

Proudly display your organization’s logo or message!
Flags are a wonderful 24/7 marketing medium to feature your corporate, city, or organizations logo!  Most poles will accommodate two flags, so fly the United States flag with your state or organization’s flag below it or on a separate pole for even greater impact. Do you need an honor guard, processional, or parade flag?  We can help.

Here’s what we need:

  • Size of the flag
  • Colors of the logo
  • How you would like to use your flag

It is also helpful to e-mail the logo in color so that we can determine the most cost effective way to create your flag.

Do you need help creating your flag design?
We have an excellent graphic services department that can help you. Our art e-mail address is artwork@displaysales.com. Call us for the information that you need to make an informed decision regarding your custom flag at 1-800-328-6195.

our process


    Discover what you need for your custom flag. Do you need inspiration or do you already have an idea in mind?


    Contact your Sales Specialist to get a quote.


    Email your art to artwork@displaysales.com


    Receive an electronic proof and review it.


    Place your order after approving your artwork.

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Flag Buying Tips

What size of flag should you fly?

Flag sizes are determined by pole height. Take a look below to find the right size for you.

Recommended Sizes

Pole Flag Size Pole Flag Size
15‘ 3’ x 5’ 50’ 8’ x 12’
20’ 3’ x 5’ 60’ 10’ x 15’
25’ 4’ x 6’ 65’ 10’ x 15’
30’ 5’ x 8’ 70’ 12’ x 18’
35’ 5’ x 8’ 80’ 15’ x 25’
40’ 6’ x 10’ 90’ 20’ x 30’
45’ 6’ x 10’ 100’ 20’ x 30’

How Long Will Your Flag Last?

From our experience, it is nearly impossible to answer the question correctly. There are many factors that contribute to flag wear including wind, rain, sun, and smog. Enemies of a flag are sleet, hail, freezing rain, pollutants and abrasion. With a little care, you can extend the life of your flags: avoid flying your flag in rainstorms if possible. Repair at the first sign of fraying. Wash by hand in cool water with mild soap occasionally and drip dry or dry flat. Never put a flag in the dryer. Very large flags may need to go to a professional cleaner. Because conditions vary, the life of each flag is different. Our suggestion to extend the life of your flags and save you money is to have three flags: one to fly, one being cleaned or repaired, and one in reserve for special occasions.

Flag Poles

We offer many flags poles for a variety of applications including commercial and residential flag poles, in ground, house sets and poles for temporary display. Flagpoles incur shipping charges which vary according to their length and weight.

What fabric options are available?

Polyester – Best for High Wind
Made of 100% 2 ply spun polyester construction combines durability, strength and rich, vibrant color. These flags are ideal for extreme weather conditions and high wind areas.

Nylon – Best for Most Areas
Our flags are constructed of durable DuPont 200 denier nylon. This type of nylon is the longest lasting and most versatile flag fabric available. It combines strength, brilliant display, and ease of flight. This quick drying fabric is great in rainy areas and its lightweight and close weave enables it to fly in the slightest breeze with the greatest visual impact.

Duratex – Good for Windy Areas
is a Tricot knit polyester that is lightweight and more flyable than 2 ply spun polyester. It is designed for wet and windy conditions and repels water like nylon. The flags have a beautiful sheen and rich color.

Official Government Sizes – G-Spec, 1:1.9 Hoist Ratio
flags are made to specific government sizes and specifications. If you are flying flags on government property, you must fly a G-Spec flag. There are four government sizes are also available.  G-Spec flags come in high tensile, industrial strength 70 denier nylon or traditional 2 ply mercerized cotton and feature lock-stitched seams, with material and thread color matched. These flags also feature heavy canvas duck heading and #2 rolled rim and solid brass, toothed grommets. G-spec flags are sold through authorized dealers only and Display Sales maintains a large ready-to-ship stock of all flags.

State Flags
State flags
 for outdoor use come with a canvas heading and grommets. All state flags now come in Polyester as well as standard nylon.

Indoor Flags and Parade Flags
United States
indoor and state indoor flags are simply an outdoor flag with the addition of a pole hem and fringe.

All Flags Are Not Created Equal

When comparison shopping, make certain you are comparing apples to apples and look for these features…

  • Made in the USA
  • Brass Grommets – Flags up to and including 6’x10’ in size are fitted with brass grommets in the canvas heading.
  • Galvanized Metal Thimbles – Added to flags larger than 6’ x 10’ for extra strength needed on larger flags.
  • Canvas Headings On Hoist End – Outdoor flags are finished with a heavyweight canvas heading.
  • Fly End Hem Reinforcing – Multiple rows of stitching reinforce the fly ends of all seams and hems for durability.
  • Nylon Rope – Larger size flags (8’ x 12’ to 20’ x 30’) are finished with nylon rope passing through the canvas heading with galvanized metal thimbles to protect both ends.
  • Embroidered Stars – Beautiful embroidered stars are standard on our flags in sizes 12” x 18” through 12’ x 18’.
  • Sewn Stripes – Seams and hems are stitched with heavy nylon thread for maximum strength.
  • Sewn Stars – Sewn stars exceeding government specifications are standard on all flags 15’ x 25’ and larger.

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