Step-by-step instructions to ensure easy installation

Hardware Installation

After purchasing one of our many commercial Christmas decorations, walk through our step-by-step installation instructions to fully understand the holiday decoration installation process. We make it easy enough for one person to go out and do it on their own. For many cities, the public works staff will typically install the seasonal decorations, which may include banners and holiday decorations. Before heading out to install your decorations, find the right easy-to-follow guide and read through it. We have PDF versions available for download and printing too.

Once you read through the guide and get an idea of how installation works, you’ll find that Christmas decoration installation isn’t overly complex. We try to make it simple. You just need a wrench, hammer, screwdriver, and some duct tape in your tool kit to install any of our decorations. Instructions cover ground mount, spade mount, wall mounted, and street line Christmas decorations, and more will be added as needed.

Commercial Christmas Decorations can be difficult to install without the proper knowledge. Once you read through our guides, you’ll have the professional know-how to install any of our decorations. Don’t go into the field expecting to figure it out as you go. If done improperly, setup can pose a threat to those who install it and the lifetime of the product. Use our installation manuals to ensure correct decoration setup and to maintain warranty against any manufacturing defects.

Windscale 8 Pole Banner Bracket System

 banner bracket installation instructions

Pole Banner System Installation Instructions


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