Building Mount Sign

Installation Instructions

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Thank you for investing in a Display Sales Building Mount Decoration! We hope your experience is a positive one when working with our decor during your preparation for the upcoming holiday season. Please call 800-328-6195 should you have any questions, concerns, or troubles. Thanks again!

SEASONS GREETINGS is in 8 sections and weighs 100 lbs.

MERRY CHRISTMAS is in 7 sections and weighs 90 lbs.

The ‘S’ in Seasons and the ‘Y’ in Merry are 33” wide. All other letter groups are 68” wide. All frames are 3’ high.

Displays the letter groupings for Display Sales outdoor Christmas decoration scripts.
NOTE: The installation method of a building mount sign is up to the customer.
Additional hardware is sold separately, such as the hardware pieces below.
There are two basic ways to mount the sign to a building front or wall:
a.) Direct mount on the face of the building, or
b.) Suspended over the edge of the roof

Shown below are some of the parts that may be used for installation: (priced separately)

1/8 inch Aircraft Grade Cable with Cable Clip U-Bolt
Six U-Bolt Cable Clips
One silver and one gold eye bolt for building mount Christmas decorations
Brass Plated Swivel Snap Hook
Bronze-Plated Double Snap Hook for Building Mount Christmas Decorations

1/8″ Cable

Cable Clips

Eye Bolts

Swivel Snap Hook

Double Snap

Unit Specs:
SEASONS GREETINGS: 100 lbs – 3’ (H) x 42’ (W)
MERRY CHRISTMAS: 90 lbs – 3’ (H) x 36.75’ (W)

Each frame of letters has an ‘O-ring’ welded into the top corners of the frame. Attach your aircraft grade cable to EACH of these rings.

Use the O-ring on ground mount decorations to secure each frame.
The saddle of the u-bolt should always go to the decoration while the U part goes to the dead end of the rope.
PRO TIP: Cable Clips
Saddle: Should always be “live end” of wire rope which goes to the decoration.
U-Bolt: Should always be on dead end of rope side. Be sure to re-tighten clips after initial load. For 1/8” cable, the minimum number of malleable wire rope clips required is three (3).

Options for Hanging Decorations

Suspend the decoration over the edge of the building: The length of the cables will be up to you, depending on location of windows or other interferences. Each section must be suspended individually! We recommend 1/8” wire rope (aircraft cable) and malleable wire rope clips. Remember to secure the bottom of the decoration in some manner to ensure it remains against the building.

Set eye bolts into the face of the building: Space them according to the location of the O-rings on each letter section. Each section must be suspended individually! Remember to secure the bottom of the decoration in some manner to ensure it remains against the building. OPTION: Instead of cable you could use a double headed snap hook from the unit to the eye bolt.


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