Ground Mount Sign

Installation Instructions

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Thank you for investing in a Display Sales Ground Mount decoration! We hope your experience is a positive one when working with our decor during your preparation for the upcoming holiday season. Please call 800-328-6195 should you have any questions, concerns, or troubles. Thanks again!

SEASONS GREETINGS is in 8 sections and weighs 100 lbs.

MERRY CHRISTMAS is in 7 sections and weighs 90 lbs.

Displays the letter groupings for Display Sales outdoor Christmas decoration scripts.

Parts of the Guy Kit:

Tools needed:

Two stakes, coil of cable, and 6 cable clips included in the ground mount guy kit
Crescent wrench tightening a hex nut on a guy kit cable clip
Close up of a hammer hitting a Christmas decoration stake in the ground
The O-ring used on a ground mount Christmas decoration
Use a figure 8 loop when installing a ground mount decoration cable

Step 1: This O-ring serves a double purpose: At the beginning of a word use it to thread the cable through it, and between letters, use the included coated wire to attach the frames together.

We looped the cable in a figure 8 fashion through the O-ring before securing the clip.

Displays the figure 8 pattern used to wrap the cable through the O-ring of a ground mount Christmas decoration.

Saddle: Should always be on “live end” of wire rope which goes to the decoration.
U-Bolt: Should always be on “dead end” of rope side. Be sure to re-tighten clips after initial load.

The saddle of the u-bolt should always go to the decoration while the U part goes to the dead end of the rope.
Hand tightening a hex nut on a guy kit cable clip

Step 2: Finger tighten the hex nuts first.

Close up of a crescent wrench tightening a hex nut

Step 3: Use the crescent wrench to finish the job.

Threading the cable through the top hole of the stake in the guy kit

Step 4: Thread the far end of the cable, away from the decoration, through the top hole in the stake.

Cable is threaded in a loop around the stake and secured with a cable clip

Step 5: Use a wire clip to secure the cable to itself.

Hammer driving in the stake of a ground mount Christmas decoration.

Step 6: Use a hammer to pound in the stakes.

PRO-TIP: Drive the stake in at an angle away from the decoration for best results. The stakes included are designed particularly for securing in snow or sand.

Seasons greetings ground mount Christmas decoration script installed

Step 7: Position the frames in the desired direction. Pound in one ground stake with the cable being taut. Have someone hold the frames upright as you do the pounding. Extend the other cable in the opposite direction, making it as tight as possible, and then hammer in the ground stake.

Finished Installation: You will receive 4 Guy Kits with your decoration. Use one at the beginning of each word and one at the end of each word- as shown in the drawing below.

PRO-TIP: Use the included coated wire (or ty-wraps) to secure the frames of each letter set together. It will be a really sturdy install if you do this. The Guy Kit used for this one piece held the frame in place without any additional ground stakes!

Bulbs are C-7 candelabra size.
0.4 watt/130 volt
Call 800-328-6195 for replacement

Graphic art of the Seasons Greetings ground mount Christmas decoration script
Red garland with a red C7 faceted LED bulb

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