Spade Mount Decoration

Installation Instructions

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Thank you for investing in a Display Sales Spade Mount decoration! We hope your experience is a positive one when working with our decor during your preparation for the upcoming holiday season. Please call 800-328-6195 should you have any questions, concerns, or troubles. Thanks again!

  Storage Tips:   (Proper care of your decorations will ensure years of enjoyment!)

  • Store decorations in a dry, well ventilated area where the heat does not exceed 105°.
  • Reuse the shipping cartons, hang decorations from large hooks in the ceiling, or use heavy-duty brackets on the wall. Cover with paper or cotton sheeting to protect while in storage.
  • Wash your decorations every 2 or 3 years. Wash every year if your area has a lot of dust, exhaust, or pollution; uses road salt; or if you’re located in a coastal environment.

  Tools Needed:  

  • Flat blade screwdriver (to tighten banding)
  • Duct tape (to hold bracket onto pole if working alone)
  • A bucket truck or ladder (to reach the height at which you wish to install the decoration

For replacement bulbs call:    1-800-328-6195

Installation Instructions for Spade Mount:


Check contents of box. There will be 2 adjustable banding straps per spade mount bracket.

STEP 1: Place the top of the spade mount at the desired height. This varies depending on the size of the decoration, the size of the light pole, and vehicle and/or pedestrian traffic. Clearance should ideally be 2 feet above truck or pedestrian traffic.

STEP 2: Insert the top band through the slots in the spade mount. Bring the end around the pole and through the screw lock. Push screw down so threads of screw engages the slots in the band.

STEP 3: Using a screwdriver or a wrench, slightly tighten the band so spade mount is held in place firmly, but not so much that it lifts the bottom part of the hardware off of the pole.

STEP 4: Install the other band as above. Slide both bands around the pole so the loose ends can be put inside the slots of the spade mount if possible. Tighten both bands until spade mount is very firmly against the pole.

STEP 5: Take the decoration and insert the spade portion into the track of the spade mount.

STEP 6: Connect the male lead cord into your electrical supply.


Spade Mount Bracket without bands for mounting street pole Christmas decorations

Spade Mount without bands

Silver spade mount commercial Christmas decoration mounting system

Spade Mount with bands inserted

Demonstrates the spade mount bracket installation maneuver with a Christmas decoration

Step 5
(inserting spade portion of decoration into track of the spade mount)


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