Bow Street Line

Installation Instructions

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Thank you for investing in a Display Sales Bow Street Line decoration! We hope your experience is a positive one when working with our decor during your preparation for the upcoming holiday season. Please call 800-328-6195 should you have any questions, concerns, or troubles. Thanks again!

NOTE: The method of installation for a Street Line decoration is up to the customer, as well as the method of storage. Display Sales offers the following installation instructions/suggestions for your convenience.

  Receiving Tips:  

  • If cartons are in good shape, save them for decoration storage at the end of the season.
  • Inspect the cartons carefully upon delivery.
  • If there is any damage, please note it on the Bill of Lading before accepting the delivery and call Display Sales Customer Service at 1-800-328-6195 to get advice.
  • Bench test each unit prior to installation.

  Storage Tips:  

  • Store decorations in a dry, well ventilated area where the heat does not exceed 105°.
  • Bench test each unit prior to storage and then again the following season prior to installation.

  Storage Options:  

  • Reuse the shipping cartons, hang decorations from large hooks in the ceiling, or use heavy-duty brackets on the wall. Cover with paper or cotton sheeting to protect while in storage.

Layout Plan & Parts List

50 feet long and 20 feet high street line Christmas decoration graphic

Reminder: This is a two-sided decoration. Spend time shaping the garland as it will come out of the box relatively flattened. Finally, shape the bows as they have wire reinforced edges and will hold the final shape.

Decoration Includes:
Malleable Wire Clips
25′ Timberline Lit Garland
24″ Red Velour Bows with ties

Installation Instructions for Bow Street Line:

Step 1: Install a wire clip on the cable- to the inside and outside of the wire hook on the garland. This will ensure that the garland will not move out of position along the cable. NOTE: Leave the wire clips in place after take-down so that it will be easier to install the decoration the following year.

Step 2: Create an apex at the middle point on one of the 25’ pieces of garland. The drawing below shows a 4’ deep swag. Use coated wire to attach the garland apex to the cable. Install wire clips to each side of the coated wire to keep the apex in place. The swag before and after the apex is estimated to be 18.75’ in length. You may make the swag as deep or shallow as you like. Connect the plugs from one end to the other.

Step 3: Add the 24” red velour ‘puff’ bows at the apex points, one on each side of the streetline.

Step 4: Plug the Bow Street Line into a power source. Add an extension cord if needed. Overall length will vary depending on depth of garland swags and width of street over which the unit is displayed.

Wire clip for street line Christmas decorations

Example of wire clip

The picture shows the wire clip attached to the cable to prevent a unit from sliding back and forth. Additionally, the safety pin is installed to prevent the unit from bouncing off the cable.

The hangers for the Candy Canes with Bows are found on the back of the unit. This picture is used only for demonstration purposes and clarity.

Wire clip, decoration hanger, and safety pin included in street line bow Christmas decoration.
Christmas city street line decoration with candy canes and bows

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