Seasons Greetings Street Line

Installation Instructions

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Thank you for investing in a Display Sales SEASONS GREETINGS Street Line decoration. We hope your experience is a positive one when working with our decor during your preparation for the upcoming holiday season. Please call 800-328-6195 should you have any questions, concerns, or troubles. Thanks again!

NOTE: The method of installation for a Street Line decoration is up to the customer, as well as the method of storage. Display Sales offers the following installation instructions/suggestions for your convenience.

  Receiving Tips:  

  • If cartons are in good shape, save them for decoration storage at the end of the season.
  • Inspect the cartons carefully upon delivery.
  • If there is any damage, please note it on the Bill of Lading before accepting the delivery and call Display Sales Customer Service at 1-800-328-6195 to get advice.
  • Bench test each unit prior to installation.

  Storage Tips:  

  • Store decorations in a dry, well ventilated area where the heat does not exceed 105°.
  • Bench test each unit prior to storage and then again the following season prior to installation.

  Storage Options:  

  • Reuse the shipping cartons, hang decorations from large hooks in the ceiling, or use heavy-duty brackets on the wall. Cover with paper or cotton sheeting to protect while in storage.
STEP 1: Locate the center of the cable over the street. Mark it with a small piece of duct tape.
STEP 2: Put two ‘S’ hangers on the cable, to the left of the center mark. Hang the individual letter ‘S’ first – one hanger per corner – making sure that the right hand side of the frame is about 1’ to the left of the center mark. Once letters are hung, install the Safety Pins in each ‘S’ hanger.
STEP 3: Install a cable clamp to each side of the right-most ‘S’ hanger so that the frame does not move along the cable.
Repeat Steps 2 and 3 for all of the letter frames. (See photos below)
Full, step-by-step installation of the Seasons Greetings street line Christmas decoration

Seasons Greetings Street Line

Layout & Parts

Graphic along with instructions to install seasons greetings street line decoration
Cable clamp, S-Hganger, decoration frame, and safety pin for the seasons greetings street line decoration
Decoration Includes:
Black Ty-Wraps
Stainless Steel Safety Pins
‘S’ Hangers
Cable Clamps
Total Weight: 100 lbs
Close-up of the Seasons Greetings Street Line S-hanger

On the first and last letter frames, hook the ‘S’ hanger through the O-ring that is welded into the frame. Use the Safety Pins with every hanger. Use the cable clamps to prevent movement along the cable.

Note: It can get congested at the meeting points of two letter frames. Please use all of the hardware provided for a safe & secure installation.

Shows the full hardware setup of the Seasons Greetings Street Line decoration
The fully installed upper frame of the Seasons Greetings Christmas decoration

Zip-tie letter frames together for stability

The O-ring between frames of the Seasons Greetings Street Line decoration is zip tied together

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