Heavy-Duty Banner Bracket Systems
with Adjustable Banding

Installation Instructions

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Step 1: WindScale12 castings have arrows. Make sure the arrows point toward each other for correct installation. Bottom casting’s arrow points up and top casting arrow points down. The picture to the right indicates where the arrows are located on the casting.

Step 2: Place adjustable bands in each ‘banding saddle’ to attach the casting to the pole. HINT: The bolt on the adjustable band must be laying down in order for the threads to engage the band and tighten it.

Step 3: Install the top casting first. Hand tighten all 3 bands for a secure fit with a flat blade screw driver. HINT: Power tools are not recommended as they strip the threads on the worm-screw on the band.

Step 4: Insert the rod into the casting. Secure the rod with a safety pin. The safety pin slides through the casting and rod tip. Fasten the pin. HINT: The safety pin should not interfere with the ‘tie-off-hole’.

Step 5: Install the bottom casting using steps 1-4. NOTE: Before tightening the bands, measure the length of your banner. Position the bottom bracket so the distance between the top of the upper rod and the underside of the bottom rod is equal to the length of the banner to ensure a tight fit.

Step 6: Slide the banner onto the rod of the top casting set – but only about half way along the rod.

Step 7: Slide the banner onto the rod of the lower casting set. The banner should be taught between the rods.

Step 8: Slowly move the banner along the rods toward the light pole. Take your time.

Step 9: Finish the installation by threading the tywrap through the brass grommet in the banner and the ‘tie-off-hole’ in the casting. Keep the tywraps somewhat loose.

Aluminum pole banner bracket mounting hardware
Street pole banner bracket system installed on light pole with 3 banding straps.
Street pole banner hardware installation close up
Fiberglass rod and banner hardware used for mounting banners on street fixtures
Pole banner hardware bracket, fiberglass rod, and banner hardware safety clip

Installing on Wooden Poles?
Place a piece of sheet metal, just slightly larger than the casting, behind the casting before tightening the bands. This prevents gouging of the pole and loosening of the bands. Best Recommendation: Use Band-It™ on wooden poles, the poles will absorb water when it rains and swell slightly. Adjustable bands may break if swelling is greatly increased.

Installing on Tapered or Metal Poles?
Best Recommendation: Place set screw in the light poles at the top of each casting. This prevents the casting from creeping up the pole. Place set screw on the sides of the castings. This prevents the castings going around the pole.

Installing on Square, Multi-Sided, or Ribbed Poles?
Best Recommendation: Use Band-It™ banding. Adjustable bands do not get tight enough around the odd shape of the pole and possibly causing them to move around the pole. This action can scratch the finish off the pole and create rust.

Installing Two Banners on One Pole?
Best Recommendation: Use Band-It™ banding. The load of 2 banners must be considered. It might be easier and faster to put up adjustable, but in the long run, there will be more maintenance issues to deal with if the bands possible become loose and the castings slide down the pole.

The “Third Arm”
Use duct tape to temporarily place the casting on the pole so both hands can be used to secure the bands.


Q. My grommets are tearing out of the banner, what should I do?
The installer is pulling the tywraps too tightly to the casting. Make a generous loop with the tywrap creating about 1/2” of space between the banner and casting.

Q. My tywraps are breaking and my banners are falling off, what should I do?
We recommend using coated wire because it will ensure that the metal wire will not rust and damage the banner. Be sure to twist the wire and secure it by clamping it down with a pair of pliers. Keep the ends of the wire away from the banner to prevent snagging. Coated wire is available at your local hardware or automotive store.

Q. My banners are whipping in the wind, what should I do?
A. The banners are not taut enough because the castings are too close together. The best option is to loosen the bands on the bottom casting and move it down the pole a little bit. Then re-attach the banner and it should be taut at this point.


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