Beware the Entrepreneur Mom

Entrepreneurial mom is working from home as a mompreneurWomen with established businesses are ranking their happiness nearly three times higher than nonentrepreneurial women. And today, women are starting more than 1,200 businesses a day. Not coincidentally, ages 35–44 are the time they are most likely to run a business — a period where they are also more likely to be taking care of young kids at home. This overlap tells us that a large portion of these new women-owned-businesses is coming from mothers.

These “Mompreneurs” have an inherent entrepreneurial advantage because of their unfounded business perspectives. In the United States, women make the decision in 72% of household purchases. When it comes to understanding consumer needs, mothers are second to none. Mothers are able to identify and disrupt long-stagnant markets targeting parents and empty-nesters. They can and are filling new and unique niches every day. What might have been a mere baby blog yesterday will beat Proctor & Gamble in diaper sales with their new, innovative diaper tomorrow.

Among all this power, the Mompreneur has yet another lethal aspect —
Her optimized entrepreneurial skills. Mothers are multitalented, trained in a wide range of soft skills that all entrepreneurs desire. They’re finely-tuned entrepreneurs in disguise. Think of the traits every good entrepreneur needs. Vision, communication, and the ability to multitask come to mind. The Mompreneur has been practicing all of these and more, making her the ideal business owner.


As any entrepreneur should, mothers are consistently operating with a long-term goal in mind. Every reprimand or praise is intended to impact their child for the better. A mother’s job is to raise a great child while an entrepreneur’s job is to build a great product. Because of the similarities, mothers can fluidly transition into a proper business mindset. They understand how making precise decisions in the present affects the future of the business.


Mothers are masters at communication. They’re placed in a large variety of situations with people from all backgrounds. From children to teachers, mothers have to be dynamic communicators that can change their tone and voice accordingly. Likewise, entrepreneurs have to analyze the way people communicate and read situations to adjust their communication. Moms have already been practicing this skill for years, allowing them to flawlessy communicate at any level.


Entrepreneur mother multitaskingWe are forced to change tasks frequently and quickly as humans. Mothers have an innate skill for switching tasks rapidly. For example, infants don’t care if they’re interrupting Mom for food, they operate on their own schedule. Mothers have to fit another person’s entire schedule into theirs. This lifestyle makes them extremely versatile in the workplace. Given that the average office worker is interrupted every three minutes, business leaders need to switch their attention all the time. If mothers can switch tasks with less cognitive friction, they can get more done in a day.

With a rise of mothers starting new businesses everyday, this is a warning to all businesses — Keep in mind the ferocities your mother might just bring to brunch this Sunday.

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