Campus Enhancement

Try to think of a college campus you’ve seen without any signage or banners. We bet you can’t. 

A campus with no signage or pole banners would feel like a collection of large buildings instead of the welcoming community of people working, learning, and growing together that it actually is. Every college campus needs to have its own sense of identity and character and university pole banners are a simple, but effective way to achieve that. The design possibilities are limitless and will do much more than you may think to enhance the overall feel of the campus and university. 

When welcoming potential students and other visitors to campus, it is beneficial to present them with a good looking campus as it is the very first impression they will have of your university. In today’s competitive society, academic institutions need to embrace and display their school pride with honor in hopes that students will develop similar feelings towards their school. Ultimately, a campus should have various signage in place to liven up the area for anyone coming there. One simple avenue for this is personalized pole banners. Campus pole banners are very common at college for a few simple reasons; they enhance the feel of campus and are cost-effective.

Campus Pole Banners

Banner Types & Their Uses

Pole banners are very durable and with the right installation typically last several years or more, even when left exposed to the conditions year round. Display Sales has several banner types and sizes available as well as two different print processes. We offer both pole and processional banners that can be used over many years for a huge variety of events and other reasons.

Pole banners are attached to street lamps and other poles using a simple bracket system. Installation is very easy and banners will remain in place even through extreme weather conditions. Pole banners have a huge number of uses on a college campus and thus hundreds of different design possibilities. Common uses include commemorating a special event or anniversary, change in seasons, Holidays, or simply to further decorate campus with University logos and other art. 

Processional banners, or gonfalons, are used for ceremonial purposes as they add a sort of luxurious feel to the event, especially when used against a backdrop. Because they are large, processional banners are many times used to honor a school’s rich heritage and past with intricate and beautiful designs. Make Spring commencement even more memorable for all those involved by proudly putting your University on full display. 

From simple illustrations, to welcome in the Spring weather, to championship banners for athletics or intricate designs to honor your universities’ rich heritage, nearly anything is possible with a custom banner from Display Sales.

Graduation Processional Banners

What Display Sales Can Do

Display Sales has an extremely talented graphic design team that has years of experience working with and creating large media formats like the aforementioned pole and processional banners. Not only do we create the stunning images you see on the banners themselves, but we also offer all the hardware and tools necessary for safe and proper installation. Additionally, if you are not sure on designs or what you would like the banners to look like, we can help there too. Display Sales’ graphic services team has assisted several cities, businesses, and schools in developing meaningful brands and the media to display it.

Display Sales is an experience creation company. We deliver custom flags, banners, holiday decor, and premium promotional products to help personalize and convey brand messages. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or contact us at

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