Celebrating 50 Years

Over the last 50 years, monumental achievements have been made in human history. We created the internet. We sequenced the human genome. We landed on the moon. But throughout the turn of the century we’ve seen the Christmas industry endure the test of time.

Display Sales started purely as a Christmas decor company in 1966. In order to stay on top of the industry for fifty years, we’ve made several company-defining decisions. During the energy crisis in the 1970’s, electricity costs made cities reluctant to light their Christmas decorations. We saw dark streets across the nation.

Christmas Decor Lighting

Imagine if your city couldn’t afford to keep the lights on at night . — Photo Credit: Kim Hansen

Christmas decorations hung dimly on street poles, looming over townsfolk. We needed to find a way to bring back Christmas spirit in communities without the reminder of the scarce energy conditions.

Christmas Decor Banners

Example of our Christmas banners


The solution cried out to us: Banners! These brightly colored fabrics relieved cities from the reminder that they couldn’t afford their electric bill. Our inside sales team and shipping infrastructure helped us burst into the banner industry, launching us into a brand new market of printing and graphics.

After expanding from the Christmas industry, we no longer were a seasonal business. We saw year round growth in sales through the coming years. We added flags to our product line in 1994 bolstering our American pride and national honor as troops were sent into the Persian Gulf. Supporting our troops became an integral part of our business as we transitioned to a veteran-friendly business. This transformation modified our business principals to include a heavy foundation of leadership. We added premium promotion products after undergoing a restructure of the business in 2013. Re-envisioning the company has brought us to modernize our company culture. Now stands a limitless expanse for possible growth ahead.

The most dramatic change in the Christmas industry has been LEDs. We’ve seen product lines come in and out of style, but the Christmas industry maintains all of its core traditions. The wreath prevails untouched by time because it symbolizes the essence of Christmas.

Celebrating 50 years while Christmas wreaths have remained unchanged.

Vintage Wreath versus Modern Wreath

The unwavering consistency of Christmas allows adults to pass down the same experience they had when they were young to their children. Time-honored tradition makes Christmas special for all ages. Our company roots come in this ancestral convention of passing down joy. This is why the Christmas industry is the traditional one that we know and love.

The longevity of 50 years is something to be celebrated. I never thought I’d be fifty as a child; it was all in the distant future. This company represents the dedication of a lifespan. Fifty years is enough time to grow up and have kids of your own. It’s enough time to fall in love, to travel the world, to settle down. Your bucket list is either nearing the top or bottom by age fifty. And for fifty years, our company has brought a consistent sense of pride, heritage, and nostalgia. We create a feeling of community. Our products evoke emotional sparks. The sight of a flag kindles a sense of gratitude and belonging while a snowflake on a street pole inspires feelings of jubilance and warmth. These emotional sparks are what we’ve come to provide.

Faithful in mind, Christmas maintains itself as a dearly held tradition. And just as the Christmas industry has done, so have we — Display Sales withstood and will continue to thrive for another wonderful fifty years. Thank you to all of our customers and to the employees who I have shared this company with over the years, may we look forward to many more years to come.

— Nancy Peterson, President

Display Sales is an experience creation company. We deliver custom flags, banners, holiday decor, and premium promotional products to help personalize and convey brand messages. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or contact us at displaysales.com/contact.

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