Creating a cohesive company culture

Whether you know it or not, every piece of furniture in your company counts towards your culture. Company culture heavily relies on the style of day-to-day operations. Therefore you must start by looking at the mundane as the basis of culture in your organization. Your team’s perceptions will align with the environment to them, so enhancing the office environment can quickly make the mundane not so mundane. It’s an uphill battle to change company culture without renovating the environment.

Company decorations

Custom company decorations inspire employees

While your organization might only use company decorations for holidays, it’s vital to consider how every aspect of the environment might influence culture. According to a Forbes study on highly successful culture initiatives, consistency is key when it comes to company decorations. An understanding of the culture you wish to create will help determine the appropriate company decorations to incorporate. Then you can decide what type of company decorations best communicate your culture. Signage that welcomes visitors, a banner displaying the company logo and mission, or possibly custom coffee mugs with the organization’s values all go towards reaffirming the company culture.

These cultural artifacts, as noted by MIT Professor Edgar Schein, provide direct access to the mindset of employees. External symbols provide humans with cues of how they should act and feel within their environment. In one study with artwork around the office, 83% of employees felt the art was important to their work environment. Art can promote inspiration, creativity, and tranquility.  Furthermore, companies that decorate are expressing that they care about employee satisfaction, welfare, and productivity. Employees consequently internalize these messages, giving them a true sense of their organization’s culture.

The Benefit

The day-to-day environment of an organizations stands as their culture’s foundation. Likewise, if you can provide a more flavorful environment, you’ll receive the plentiful benefits of a flourishing company culture. When employees are excited about their work, they’ll be more efficient and will choose to stay with their company for longer. The best employees are retained, poor performers are weeded out, and new hires come filled with passion. Company decorations are the most direct way to influence culture from your bottom line. From increased retention to elevated efficiency, company decorations are an easy adjustment that can add up to a meaningful change in your organization.

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