Our business gives us serious trouble when trying to be labeled. Display Sales is 50 years old, we have many different product lines, and our major business channels are municipalities and academia — it all feels like we’re trying to mesh together separate entities. Some of our oldest customers don’t know we sell anything more than Christmas decorations. But we’re much more than just a decoration company. This inability to articulate the sum of our company has disjointed our brand for decades. Well now we’ve grown up.

For the last couple years, the idea has percolated that we are a form of a branding company. Although, unlike most branding com
panies, we don’t aim to help companies establish or understand their brand. Instead, we offer the unique disposition that allows companies to embrace their brand. We provide the physical goods to show other organizations off to the world. We found ourselves through our rebranding initiative — Display Sales has grown from a Christmas decor business to competing in the events and marketing industry.

This percolation a few years back started an itch in Nancy, President of Display Sales. She knew the company was not best represented by its brand. As time goes on, our company will only continue to diversify in product lines and business channels. Thus the work required to rebrand increased with each passing day, along with the necessity to do so. But this huge amount of work has piled up over the years, and the rebranding bug feasted on the erroneous ways of procrastination, growing bigger and bigger. Each past Display Sales leader did their best to keep it tame, a logo change here or there, but fully rebranding is the only way to squash the bug.

In November of 2015, the itch grew too great. We partnered with Wingnut Advertising to help figure out where to begin with the momentous project. As we soon learned, the core of all brands starts with the customer. So we started by delving into our customer base. Wingnut conducted interviews with our internal staff, our customers, and even our prospects. They analyzed our competitors and did a deep digital dig in our online traffic. We learned how customers perceived our company, which ultimately determines our identity. Interviewees described us as friendly, reliable, and attentive. They depicted us as a champion and a trusted advisor. Brands consist of customers’ experiences with your products and services because ultimately, it’s only the customer’s opinion that carries any weight.

Target audience information discovered in the Display Sales rebrand

An example of the data explored in the digital dig.

An example of the data explored in the digital dig.
Our brand is 50 years in the making, and today marks just the beginning. It’s the reveal of years of work. In 2014, we created a brand statement. At the time, it really resonated with the company — but it wasn’t customer focused. So we course-corrected. Now we have what we call our brand focus. And it very simply is:

Display Sales brand focus

The brand focus is our new mantra. It applies to everything Display Sales does. “One Step Ahead” acts as a summary statement for the core of our vision, mission, and culture as a company. We use it to determine our messaging, which will affect the way customers experience our company. The brand focus is not only a product of the brand statement, research, and interviews, but also the 50 years of tradition gone into making Display Sales what it is today. One Step Ahead says we keep our customers a step up from their competition by staying a step ahead of ours. The adoption of a new brand focus, however, is an internal process. And because brands are the combined makeup of all customers’ perceptions, we need to present ourselves to customers as our new brand revision. So we have made a new logo that fully embodies the Display Sales rebrand.

Display Sales logo evolution

The Display Sales logos throughout the years.

Our logo has evolved over the years based on a number of graphic styles at the time. This time around, however, we needed to ensure every part of the logo holds intention and appropriately represents the band. We began with the basics of logo design — the color palette. The customer research gave us a good idea of our brand’s concept, but translating brand to color requires we examine the psychology of certain colors.

We chose navy for its representation of stability, trustworthiness, commitment, and teamwork. Orange because it’s warm, happy, embodies value, builds emotional attachment, and displays enthusiastic energy. Our font choice — Helvetica Bold — is clean and classic while being impactful and modern.

We started crafting logos by working with outside logo designers. The logos presented to us were very well done, but when we showed them to our on-staff graphic designers, they wanted to reiterate and improve upon them. It only makes sense that if anybody could capture the essence of Display Sales, it’s them. After all, our graphic designers live and breathe the culture of the company. It took a couple bouts of meetings between directors and artists, but we really nailed it in the end.

Now proudly presenting the new Display Sales logo:

Display Sales new logo after rebrand

Gorgeous, right?

The last thing holding us back in the previous millennium is our website. The rebrand would never be complete with an outdated website dragging us down. We decided to partner with Digital Solutions, and we’re creating a whole new website from scratch. The site is nearly finished and we’re looking at launching it within the upcoming weeks. And to say the least so far, it’s amazing. The user experience is enhanced and I can wholeheartedly say the new website represents Display Sales and our brand in its entirety. To just get an idea of how much better the new website is, let’s compare the two in Google’s page insights.


Display Sales website before rebrand

Mobile’s looking pretty clunky.



Display Sales new website design preview

Plus a teaser of the new site on mobile.

In Conclusion

As a team, we can now fully articulate who we are. The rebranding will align our culture internally, giving each employee a deeper meaning behind their work. Externally, our rebrand establishes our influence in the various industries we’re in. Customers can now see everything we offer. We transformed from a holiday decor company to a behind the scenes branding platform for other companies to present themselves to the world.

It’s taken us 50 years to reach this point in the Display Sales brand. The process required many hands on deck, so thank you to everyone that contributed in their own way. Special thanks to Wingnut Advertising, Digital Solutions, and our very own graphic design team here at Display Sales. And lastly, we would be nowhere near where we are today without our loyal customers. Thank you for helping shape the Display Sales brand into what it is today; you truly have made this an extraordinary journey.

Display Sales is an experience creation company. We deliver custom flags, banners, holiday decor, and premium promotional products to help personalize and convey brand messages. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or contact us at displaysales.com/contact.

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