Display Sales is a dog-friendly work environment

Having a dog-friendly office is being viewed as a major perk in the business world today. Here at Display Sales, we have at least one, if not multiple dogs roaming around our office daily (all well-behaved, of course!). With our open concept layout and unique culture, our office dogs have become a part of our “work family” and you’ll soon realize why.

Display Sales is a dog-friendly work environment

Meet Yodi and Finley, the Display Sales office dogs. Finley is a Labradoodle and Yodi is a Corgi-Dachshund, both have loud, playful, and adorable personalities. You can catch Yodi in the warehouse helping Nick pick, pack, and ship our customer’s orders. She also likes to spend time bathing in the sun when the doors are open and playing fetch.  Finley spends most of his time with the sales team and is definitely one to sit in front of your desk with puppy eyes until he gets a treat. These two are spoiled rotten and given so much love and attention by their owners, as well as the entire Display Sales team.

The Benefits of a Dog-Friendly Work Environment

Now that we’ve introduced our office dogs, here is why a dog friendly office is being viewed as such a big perk.

  • Dogs help in recruiting new employees
    • One of our newly hired employees, Mallory, spotted Finley at her interview and she is a HUGE dog lover. For anyone who loves dogs, knowing that the office is dog-friendly can be an instant perk and might put you one step ahead of other employers that your candidate may be interviewing with.
Display Sales' Finley
  • Dogs help in retaining employees
    • Being able to bring your dog to work is viewed as a benefit. Once someone is able to bring their dog to work every day or even a few times a week, it takes a long time before they’re willing to give that up.
    • When we asked Nick (Yodi’s owner) what he viewed as the biggest perk about being able to bring Yodi to work every day he stated, “Having a sense of companionship every single day at work, not just at home. She also gives me a reason to laugh. She does at least one silly thing daily that always has me laughing or smiling.” Of course Yodi’s answer was, “treats and attention!”
  • Dogs improve human morale
    • It’s proven that dogs make most people generally happier.
    • Whenever Yodi or Finley walk by our desks and yearn for attention or treats, it’s a reason to put a smile on our faces, even during the toughest or most stressful days.
  • Having your dog at the office makes it easier to come in early or stay late
    • If you’re able to bring your dog to the office, you never have to worry about kenneling your dog and you don’t have to rush home to take them outside or to feed them.
    • Mallory brought her Yorkshire Terrier, Charlie into the office and she said, “It made it so much easier to leave early that morning since I didn’t have to walk out of the back door seeing those sad puppy eyes stare at me. I also wasn’t in a hurry or impatient during rush hour traffic like I typically am since Charlie can only be in his kennel for so long. To have him here with me, was a huge benefit and he will definitely be back!”
    • Finley’s owner Liz said “When it gets to our busy season and there is no time to rush home to take care of Fin that’s when he comes to work with me. When he is at work I can feed him here and there are always plenty of people around to take him outside for a walk. Plus he makes the longer days seem like a breeze with his high energy personality. He puts a smile on everyone’s face!”
Display Sales' Yodi
  • Dogs allow employees to create connections and move around
    • People can chat about their pets for hours – each dog has a different personality and that’s what makes them so special to us. Having them in the office, gives us a reason to connect and communicate with one another. Whether it’s bonding over a similar trick our dogs can both do or telling a story about one of their weird quirks, we always have a reason to talk with one another at Display Sales when our office dogs are present.
    • Having dogs in the office gives us a reason to get up from our desks and take doggie breaks. This is important because it’s a proven fact employees are more productive when they get up and walk around for a few minutes throughout the day. Dogs like to go on walks, need to take bathroom breaks, and need time to play and exert their energy – all reasons to get us up on our feet and away from our screens for a few minutes.
    • Nick spends most of his day in the warehouse by himself but it’s always a pleasant surprise when he and Yodi make their way to the front office for a few minutes to chat with us and get some treats/attention!

Thank you for allowing us to introduce you to our special office dogs – we appreciate you taking the time to get to know more about them and the unique dog-friendly work environment we’ve created at Display Sales. Be sure to stay tuned to Display Sales website and social media platforms for more of Yodi and Finley in the coming months!


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