People the world over are thanking their healthcare workers

Doctors, nurses, pharmacists, technicians, administrators, and researchers have always occupied a place of routine appreciation. But in a time of global pandemic, their sacrifice commands new levels of reverence.

Doctors and nurses are constantly at risk of exposure while tasked with protecting their patients, facilities, and themselves from the viral spread that would overwhelm the current healthcare systems.

These professionals come home from their hospitals after hours of ongoing contact with COVID-19 sufferers and must be vigilant to maintain separation from any high-risk family members within the same household, lest anything be passed along from work.

All this while they go to extensive lengths to manage their own self care. Despite long hours, lack of supplies, and the emotional toll that this virus has taken over them.

More and more hospitals and communities have recognized that now is the time to salute and uphold the bravery of the healthcare industry. Smaller communities often check on their healthcare workers directly via video or phone calls, quarantined urbanites have taken to cheering at shift change from their apartment windows.

Hospital Wall Banners

Displays of Gratitude

As a more permanent and public expression of thanks, many hospitals, clinics, towns, and businesses are erecting prominent signs and banners with words of appreciation, gratitude, and acknowledgment. Display Sales offers customizable signs and healthcare banners that befit any setting from stores to schools to churches to the community courthouse to the local hospital itself.

Organizations, facilities, both large and small, find a public display banner to be a small gesture of thanks for the larger gesture of risk and commitment healthcare workers have undergone throughout their careers and particularly within the last several months.

The dedicated efforts of individual professionals continue to demonstrate the many ways their line of work is both a service and a calling. From retired doctors who are back on the floor, to small-town nurses volunteering to assist in New York, these heroes have inarguably stemmed the tide of this pandemic.


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