Why You Need to Advertise This Spring

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With winter subsiding, people are going outside of their homes en masse. Warm weather brings joggers, tourists, and the everyday public out to city streets worldwide. This large push of people is optimal for any advertising campaign. Physical advertising (e.g., flags and banners) is the ideal way to make a lasting impression among many people. Physical products shape the experience a person has when interacting with your brand.

Cities, universities, small businesses — any type of organization can make use of physical advertising. Many cities have main street banner programs to promote a safe environment and encourage commerce. Meanwhile, banners on a university campus can liven the community and give a sense of pride. Small businesses that reach out to customers through physical advertising see direct growth in traffic and positive customer feedback.

Increasing Traffic

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Western Heritage’s Great Plains Banner

Three years ago, Western Heritage Museum & Lea County Cowboy Hall of Fame started a banner program. Darrel Beauchamp, Executive Director of the museum, decided to install three 10×30′ banners, one promoting each exhibit available at the time. The banners were placed in front of a busy road so they were viewed by as many people as possible.


The results were astounding — they tracked more than a 300% increase in traffic along with record breaking numbers for attendance to their exhibits. Darrell has since continued the banner program and seen year-over-year growth. This year he’s expecting to once again break the highest attendance yet. Stories like Darrell’s are certainly not unheard of. Physical advertising consistently leads to increased traffic and sales.

Better Customer Experience

Organizations that incorporate physical advertisements also receive more positive customer feedback. Why is this? Well, your product or service can be the best in the world, but a business will only be as good as their customer experience. One prime example of customer experience is theater. A theater’s product is its films, but their service is cinema. The cinema experience is the comfy chairs, food and beverages, and a high-quality audio/video showing of the film. A customer’s judgment of the film is perceived by their cinema experience. Business flags and banners enhance the customer experience by evoking emotions. Emotions of excitement, belonging, or pride craft an enhanced perceived judgment, leading to more positive customer reviews.

No matter your organization, the benefits of a banner program reflect across all industries. You can make your organization feel prosperous and vibrant while promoting brand awareness, increasing traffic, and enhancing the customer experience. Investing in physical advertising has a crystal-clear return on your investment. Deciding to invest is up to you.

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