What’s Your Valentine’s Day Strategy?

Valentine's Day can be used to work on leadership

Relationships require effort. They’re an investment of time and money. While romantic partners get a day dedicated to their relationship, business relationships do not. Building better business relationships will add inherent value to your business. Communication, integrity, and respect are the three main vulnerable points in any relationship. We can analyze these shortcomings to personal relationships and apply solutions for bettering relations both personally and professionally.

Pitfalls in Communications

Communication is the leading reason why couples go to therapy. Wielded improperly, it consequently causes difficulties on all levels of your business. On the opposite end of the spectrum, communication can garner loyalty and build a better brand. The prominent shortcoming in communication roots itself in expectations.

Use Valentine's Day to focus on avoiding communication pitfalls as a leader

In romantic relationships, one person will usually have unspoken or unrealistic expectations. The other person will stand no chance of meeting poorly communicated expectations. When initiating a new relationship, come to terms on what you expect from one another. Another common communication failure is deviations in rates of growth. One partner may focus on personal and professional growth while the other may choose not to. This directly correlates to business. If one business is aiming for rapid growth and their vendor remains stagnant, it’s likely the relationship will fall apart. Communication allows two parties to have mutual understanding of what they desire from a relationship. A relationship won’t endure while one partner is looking for a long-term relationship and the other isn’t. You can empower your relationships for the best chances of success by conveying what you expect from one another.


With integrity comes trust. Trust is essential to long-term relationships because it is strengthened accumulatively over time. Build trust by acting with integrity. Proving your integrity starts by being fair in your business practices. Upholding agreements, setting fair pricing, and resolving issues amicably quickly can further your business’ good standing. Integrity, however, requires consistent, unwavering trust to function. Similar to communication, integrity can either pose a threat to relationships or stand as an effective tool for building durable relationships.


Respect is linked to all the elements of trust and integrity. If trust is broken, respect is damaged. Mending holes in the dam, also known as customer service, is all about respect. Prioritizing problem solving and transparency for the customer builds rapport, allowing them to truly connect with your business. Integrating yourself as an extension of your customer’s team demonstrates the respect you have for working with them. Businesses will pay top dollar to work with you and your team when you prioritize the customer in their time of need.

Valentine’s Day is about focusing on your personal relationships. Throughout the day, reflect on what social tools you use to create outstanding personal relationships and apply them to your professional life. Becoming a relationship-centric business is one more key step towards prosperity.

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