Why We’re a Vet-Friendly Business

Vet-Friendly BusinessI’m not a veteran business owner. I had never considered the value of making my business veteran-friendly. But my perspective was changed completely after being introduced to the vet community.

Veterans are a group of clean-cut, explicit men and women. One evening, I was invited to a veteran steak dinner at the local VFW. From the parking lot outside the building, I could hear the loud jabber of friends reuniting. Entering the dimly lit building, I was swiftly greeted as a newcomer to the party. Floods of introductions came forth as every member was eager to make a new acquaintance. I found my place and was served a homemade steak hash, an homage to the homesickness of military personnel. There was never a dull moment among the group of veterans. Because of the bond over their shared sacrifices, camaraderie is second to none within the vet community. All these men and women endured similar humbling experiences.

After meeting the amicable group, I started thinking about the benefits of hiring vets. They could make excellent employees with their leadership, character, and experience as a member of a team. Each veteran is instilled with more advanced training than any business could provide. It’s hard to justify the value of soft skills like accountability and problem-solving because of their difficulty to be taught.


Vet-Friendly BusinessThe skill set of veterans transfers to produce optimal performance in the workplace. Military service members are often forced to be decisive, thinking on their feet to create solutions sometimes in life or death situations. They’re trained to remain calm under pressure and to solve problems. Working in large teams, vets learn the importance of communication and teamwork. They might also have been responsible for companies of more than 100 soldiers, and each soldier is responsible for maintaining and caring their equipment worth thousands of dollars. Any one of these traits is highly sought in the workplace. All these skills intermixed can bring major benefits to efficiency and teamwork to your company.

Not only are veterans a great asset to any company, but their spouses are too. Military spouses frequently move, meaning they adapt well to new environments and have a large, diverse network. While their spouse is away on deployment, they learn to manage a career and family by themselves. They’re groomed for high-stress, hectic situations.

Vet-Friendly BusinessU.S. Military Veterans and spouses share in our company’s mission-driven work ethic and culture. They offer unique skills to the workplace that allow them to be put anywhere in your organization. You can facilitate the process to become a vet-friendly business by working with companies like Lockleed International. Their sole mission is to partner veterans with companies that want great employees. Lockleed has been an essential help in our transition towards a veteran-friendly business. I personally encourage all businesses to realize the potential of veterans and the veteran community at large.

— Nancy Peterson, President

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