Whether it’s the flag blowing in the wind outside your house, a flag hanging in front of a bank, or even the giant flag indicating Perkins’ exit off the freeway, Old Glory is often quietly present in the background of our daily lives.  Ironically, one could look at military spouses as a similar symbol of our country; honored but often forgotten. Which is just one of the reasons why Erik Therwanger,  U.S. Marine Corps Veteran and founder of Think GREAT, created the Think GREAT Foundation, a non-profit driven to provide educational and career opportunities for military spouses.

As founder of the successful Think GREAT conglomerate, Erik is an author, speaker, and coach who empowers business executives nationwide with his books and motivational speaking. Erik has also personally experienced the importance of community support when he served as his wife’s champion and caregiver throughout her four bouts with cancer and numerous related health challenges. Erik has always been active and passionate about programs such as Beyond the Yellow Ribbon and The Marine Corps League where he helps military families with the many struggles that are a part of the military life.

“I’ve seen firsthand the challenges faced by life in the military, and the sacrifices made by military spouses to take care of their families. I knew it was time to help these courageous patriots to get back on track with their education and career goals,” says Erik.

Thus, Erik launched the Think GREAT Foundation to enrich and enhance the lives of military and veteran spouses by offering scholarships to those who have already sacrificed so much.

Think GREAT Foundation Logo

Military Spouses to Receive Educational Help with the Purchase of a Flag

Following a similar philosophy of giving back and supporting our military communities, Display Sales was determined to find a relevant way to support the Think GREAT Foundation.  As a large distributor of USA made flags, Display Sales created a GREAT opportunity to bring even more meaning to buying a flag. For the month of May, Display Sales will be donating $1 for every flag we sell to the Think GREAT Foundation. With one purchase, people can buy a flag to honor our country and help a military spouse advance his/her career or educational goals. Our company culture supports leadership training and development to be able to support a wonderful program like the Think GREAT Foundation, it’s a win-win for everyone.

For over 50 years, Display Sales has helped bring cities and businesses together as the go-to source for seasonal decorations, street decor, banners, and of course, flags. Now, everyone can help by ordering a flag to show community pride and at the same time military spouses will also gain a unique opportunity with your purchase. Please click here to see our assortment of flags that support the Think GREAT Foundation. Thank you for your support.


– Nancy Peterson


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