Branding Sends a Statement

Strong brands generate value by conveying a sense of experience and expertise in a company’s given industry. They resonate with consumers and build a relationship with those who repeatedly purchase the products of a specific brand. Brands also make a company recognizable, increase consumer retention, and allow an organization to stand out and differentiate itself from competitors. The benefits that a well-established brand offers can have the same impact for a city.

Branding a city creates a coherent and appealing image to attract new businesses and people to the town, as well as to unify the community. A brand represents the culture of a city and highlights the things that make it special, creating an added value to the town. Things such as the town demographics, history, local industry, geographic location, business & career opportunities, nightlife, school system, museums, government, tourism industry, wildlife, and overall attitude of its residents are what make up the culture of a city. It can be a challenge, but creating a brand for your city is extremely worthwhile as it will help to establish a persona for the town and puts your culture into vision.

Minneapolis - City by Nature

City of Minneapolis Logo

One great example of building a strong and cohesive brand is the city of Minneapolis, MN. Known and loved by residents for all its lakes, trails, trees, and wildlife in an urban, city setting, Minneapolis built a city logo and slogan to perfectly represent these qualities – “City by Nature” – and the logo is a compliment of city skyscrapers and evergreen trees.

Display Sales is Here to Help

Although Display Sales has been in the business of selling flags, Christmas decorations, and banners for over 50 years, there’s another thing we’re good at that you may not know about – branding. Display Sales has assisted cities, businesses, and academic institutions in updating and developing their brands with stunning designs, tag lines, slogans, and the products to visually represent the vision.

The City of Faribault, Minnesota, came to the Display Sales team wanting to discuss new banners for the city. In that meeting, it was discovered they needed help to develop artwork, taglines, and slogans to represent the community brand in the best possible manner. Our design team went to work to create multiple ideas for the city representatives. The result was a new updated logo, tag line, and designs for banners for the different areas of the city.

What sets Display Sales apart from the rest is that we know what cities are looking for and how to execute it. We become an extension of our customer’s team to bring the experience and expertise in the large format medium that is used for street banners and other signage that many graphic designers and city staff are not familiar with. We are here to help and get our customers One Step Ahead.

Faribault Pole Banner

Downtown Faribault Street Banner

Display Sales is an experience creation company. We deliver custom flags, banners, holiday decor, and premium promotional products to help personalize and convey brand messages. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or contact us at

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