icon Catalyst Strategies to Improve Your Mainstreet Vitality
Catalyst Strategies to Improve Your Mainstreet Vitality

Catalyst Strategies to Improve Your Mainstreet Vitality

As new members of the Mainstreet Organization, we went to the conference in Boston at the end of March. We met hundreds of designers, planners and Mainstreet professionals that are passionate about their work to revitalize their community. It was great to see how Mainstreet organizations can create inclusive, sustainable, and equitable economic success in their communities to ensure the prosperity of everyone living there.

The energy and enthusiasm was refreshing. We came back to the office knowing that what we do at Display Sales everyday can help Mainstreet Organizations transform their visions into reality.

The success of any Mainstreet program relies heavily on bringing people together and creating a sense of community. There are several strategies that can be used in a wide variety of places to draw people in. This includes parks, trails, town squares and other public spaces. One great way to do achieve this, is through street beautification.

Display Sales has been working to help communities stay vibrant for over 57 years.  Banners are the fastest and most economical way to brighten up civic infrastructure. Street pole banners add color, art, and communication. They can communicate pride with military appreciation banners, upcoming special events or the values within the community.  They can also be marketing tools for businesses, parks, historic districts, and places of interest. 

The best part about our pole banners is that they’re not permanent and can be quickly switched out at any time depending on the season or the event.

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Investing in your street revitalization with pole banners can be a first step for helping your city improve its vitality. Pole banners are an easy and inexpensive way to communicate with the entire city that you care about the people that live and work there.

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