• What size pole decorations do you have? Our Pole decorations range from 2.5’-6’
  • What is the most common size pole decoration you sell? The size of light pole helps determines the decoration size.
  • Do pole decorations come with LED bulbs? Yes
  • Can I pick the bulb color in the pole decorations? We recommend using the bulbs that the decorations are built with. If bulb color needs to be changed (depending on time of year) we may be able to do this for an additional charge. Customers that want to experiment with using different bulb colors often buy extra bulbs and change them out themselves.
  • Is there a warranty on pole decorations? All our pole decoration come with a warranty.
  • Is hardware included?  Yes
  • Do the plugs come with fuse? No
  • Are the pole decorations made in the USA? Yes, all our pole decorations are made here in the USA!
  • Can I put a banner with a decoration on the same pole? Yes  
  • How do I determine the right size Christmas bow? It depends on the size of the decoration or light pole. Our sales rep can help determine what is right for your project.
  • When will my decorations be delivered? Our decorations exceed the size constraint for UPS and FED EX, so they will ship LTL (less than truckload). We will work with you on scheduling delivery.
  • What are the pole decoration frames made out of? All our pole decorations are made from scratch with rolled steel. The support par ½” diameter steel – secondary 5/16” diameter steel.
  • How long the Christmas Street line decorations? Street line decorations vary by design. Our typical designs are 50 feet.
  • What are the options for Christmas Ground Mounted decorations? See catalog.
  • What is the lead time for made to order Christmas decorations? CN – Case by case and time of year dependent.
  • Are the bulbs on mini lights replaceable? No
  • How long are mini light strands and how many bulbs per strand? 50 light set – approx. 25ft long. 100 light set – approx. 50ft.
  • Do you have decorations that are made with rope-lights? No and we do not recommend them.
  • Do you have rope light? Yes – not recommended


  • Do you have LED bulbs? Yes, we carry several different shapes and styles of LED bulbs.
  • How long do LED bulbs last?  This depends on a few different factors including the numbers of hours per day they’re turned on and the weather they’re exposed to. LED Christmas lights typically last 10-15 times longer than incandescent and make it through multiple holiday seasons.
  • What sizes do LED bulbs come in? C7, C9, S14, F15, A19
  • What color do clear LED bulbs come in? Sunlight, Warm White, Clear/Cool White
  • How many LED bulbs can be plugged into one line? It depends on the size of the circuit you’re plugging into and how many lights are on each string. Contact your sales rep for more details.
  • What is the wattage per LED bulb? .04 watts for LED
  • Can I still get incandescent bulbs? Yes
  • What are the pros and cons between LED and incandescent bulbs?  Incandescent bulbs diffuse light with a glow and get hot to the touch. They burn out easily, break easily, and are replaced annually. LED bulbs use less energy which saves money. LED bulbs have a plastic envelope so they don’t break. BAR LEDs are the brightest.


  • How do I determine what gauge wiring should be used? This is based on the project and where the lighting will be used.
  • Do the bulbs come on the wire? Depending on the type of wire you buy, there will be sockets that you can screw the LED bulbs into.  We also sell plain wire.
  • How many bulbs are needed? CN
  • Are leads and plugs included?  It depends on the set. With bulk wire, it is not included. With our standard surelock and RGW sets, they are included.
  • How long are the leads on Christmas decorations? The typical lead on our pole decorations is 4ft.
  • Do the leads on Christmas decorations have a fuse? Yes
  • How much wiring do I need to light a tree or a building? Your sales rep will help you determine this.
  • Is 16 or18 gauge wire better? The size wire we recommend depends on the application. Contact your sales rep to discuss what type of wire will work best for your project.