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Light Pole Banners FAQs


  • What size pole banners look the best?  The size of the pole banner is largely based on the size of the pole and the location of the banner. Your sales rep will help you determine which size will best suit your needs.
  • How long does it take to make banners? The standard lead time on our pole banners is 14-21 working days.
  • Do pole banners come with wind slits? Our pole banners do not come with wind slits and we don’t recommend them. Our double sided18oz vinyl is strong enough to withhold heavy wind gusts. Adding wind slits to your banner will void the warranty.
  • Is there a warranty on pole banners? Yes, there is a warranty.
  • Are the pole banners double sided? All our banners are printed with designs on both sides.
  • Are “stock” banners available? We don’t have stock banners, but we do have stock designs that you can use and customize. All banners are printed to order.
  • Can I change a pole banner design or add to it? The options with our digital banners are almost limitless in terms of customization.  The screen printed weatherguard banners are more limited in scope and color usage based on how they are made.  Depending on your project, our sale rep can help you decide which designs and styles of banners work best based on our experience.
  • Do you have a hometown hero banner program? We work with several different organizations (VFW, Legion, Military Groups) across the country on hometown hero programs.
  • Do you make sunbrella banners? Yes, Sunbrella & Sunduck are the manufacturing name for the Weatherguard banners we sell. They all use the same marine acrylic fabric which is very durable.


  • Can pictures be used to make my banners? Yes, we use high resolution pictures to make our hometown hero banners.
  • Can you help with graphics for banners? We have an in-house graphics team that specializes in artwork for banners and displays.
  • How much does graphic work for banners cost? The cost of artwork depends on how complex your project is. All our banners come with 15 minutes of free art time which takes care of most projects. After that, charges per hour are $125 and are charged out in 15 minute increments.
  • Are you able to color match pole banners? Our digital printing process allows us to color match any project using the PMS (Pantone Matching System).


  • Is hardware included with the banner cost? Banner Hardware is not included with the cost of banners, but we have multiple sizes and styles of durable banner hardware to choose from and competitive pricing.
  • What style is your hardware? Your sales rep will help you determine which size and style of banner hardware you need.
  • Is your banner hardware spring loaded? We don’t recommend spring loaded hardware. We find that the spring loaded hardware damages the banners over time.
  • Are there finials on the ends of your rods?  No
  • What keeps the pole banner on the rod? Tie wraps
  • If I have tapered or square poles, can I use banner hardware? Our banner hardware sets will work with any style of pole. However, band-It or rubber backing may be recommended.
  • What hardware set do you recommend? Hardware recommendations are based on banner and pole size.
  • Why are the rods fiberglass and not aluminum or stainless steel? Fiberglass rods will break away and provide banner longevity.
  • I have hardware from the pole manufacturer on the pole, do you sell banners without the hardware? Yes, banner hardware and banners are sold separately for this reason.