• Are the flags made in the USA?  Yes, all our flags are made in the USA.
  • Are the stripes sewn and stars embroidered on USA flags? Yes.
  • What size flag should I use for my pole? Contact your sales representative to determine which size flags would work best for your application.
  • How long should flags last? There are several factors that will determine how long your flags will last including the size and style of your flags but also where you’re located and how often you’re flying your flags.
  • Do flags come with grommets or self-sleeves and which is better? Both options are available based on flag size.
  • Is there an option to add fringe on flags? Yes, we have the ability to make any flag custom.
  • Do you have indoor and outdoor flags? Yes
  • What is best flag for windy conditions? Polyester flags typically last longer in windy conditions.
  • Do you have stick flags? Yes
  • What is the difference between “sew” and “no sew” on a stick flag? Price point is the biggest factor. The sewn version costs more (has a sewn edge). 


  • Where are custom flags made? Our custom flags are made in the USA.
  • Are the custom flags single or double sided? Both options are available.
  • Which flags lasts longer? Single sided flags typically last longer.
  • Can I put fringe on custom flags? Yes, we can put fringe on any flag.
  • What material is used for the custom flags? We can use either nylon or lightweight polyester for our custom flags. The standard is nylon.


  • How much halyard do I need for my flagpole? We recommend using 2 times the pole height plus 10%.
  • Are the tops on spinner flag poles replaceable? No
  • What style pole is recommended for displaying a flag on a utility pole? Our spinner pole is the most popular style flag pole.
  • What bracket should be used on the utility pole? Deluxe Avenue Bracket.
  • Are in ground flag poles available? Yes, we have a large selection of sizes and styles of in ground flag poles.


  • What sizes and style action flags are available? We have several styles & sizes to choose from based on your project.
  • What kind of action flag do you recommend? The type of action flag depends on what it will be used for. Contact your sales rep to help determine which action flag will work best for you.
  • Is hardware included with action flags? We have packages that include the hardware, but you can also purchase the action flags as a standalone product.
  • Can action flags be customized? Yes, all our action flags can be customized.
  • Are there “stock” images available for action flags? Yes
  • Can action flags be used in ground or above ground? Both hardware options are available.