The New Minnesota State Flag: A Symbol of Heritage and Progress

The New Minnesota State Flag: A Symbol of Heritage and Progress

On May 11, 2024, Minnesota marked a significant milestone with the unveiling of its new state flag and seal, approved by the State Emblems Redesign Commission in 2023. These new emblems, now the official symbols of the state, reflect Minnesota's best-known traits—the North Star and its abundant lakes and rivers—and were based on original designs submitted by Minnesotans.

The Design: A Reflection of Minnesota’s Identity

The new Minnesota State Flag has been meticulously designed to capture the essence of the state's diverse culture and history. At the heart of the flag is a bold North Star, symbolizing Minnesota's motto, "L'Étoile du Nord," which translates to "The Star of the North." This star represents Minnesota’s position as the northernmost state in the contiguous United States and signifies guidance, ambition, and the pursuit of excellence. The North Star points north on the top edge and is composed of four "M" shapes, further representing Minnesota.

Surrounding the North Star is a darker blue field, representing the state of Minnesota. To the right of the state shape is a lighter blue field, symbolizing the numerous lakes and waterways that define Minnesota's landscape and history of farming and industry that brought many immigrants to Minnesota and helped build Minnesota’s economic status as one of the nation’s top grain, lumber, and mineral sources.

Honoring the Past, Embracing the Future

The design of the new flags look forward to the future. It embodies Minnesota's innovative spirit and its commitment to inclusivity and progress. The clean, modern lines of the flag's design reflect the state's forward-thinking attitude and its dedication to creating a vibrant, inclusive community for all residents.

A Symbol of Unity and Pride

Minnesota Secretary of State Steve Simon emphasized the unifying nature of the new flag and seal, stating, “The new flag and seal reflect all Minnesotans and showcase the features of our state that we can all recognize – the water, the land, the North Star, and of course - the loon. We can all unite around these common images that help our state stand apart from the rest.”

One of the primary goals in redesigning the state flag was to create a symbol that all Minnesotans could rally around. The new flag achieves this by being inclusive and representative of the state’s entire population. It serves as a unifying emblem that fosters state pride and community spirit.

Embracing Change: The Journey to a New Flag

The journey to adopting a new state flag was a comprehensive and inclusive process. The state government invited submissions from artists, designers, and residents, ensuring a wide array of perspectives and ideas were considered. This democratic approach enriched the final design and fostered a sense of ownership and pride among Minnesotans.

Secretary Simon served as a voting member of the State Emblems Redesign Commission and was an advocate for bringing Minnesotans into the process through design submissions and repeated rounds of public comment.

Conclusion: A New Chapter for Minnesota

The unveiling of the new Minnesota State Flag is a significant milestone that marks the beginning of a new chapter for the state. It is a beautiful, meaningful representation of Minnesota’s rich heritage and its bright future. This flag stands as a testament to the state’s enduring spirit, its commitment to progress, and its dedication to unity.

As Minnesotans raise this new flag alongside the American flag, U.S. State flags, U.S. Military flags, first responder flags, and custom flags, they are not only honoring their past but also looking ahead with hope and determination. The new Minnesota State Flag is a symbol of pride, a beacon of progress, and a unifying emblem for all who call the North Star State their home.

For more information about the new state flag and seal, visit the Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State’s website.