New Utah State Flag Coming in 2024!

New Utah State Flag Coming in 2024!


As a proud member of the Flag Manufacturing Association of America, we are excited to announce that Utah has officially changed its State Flag in 2024.

The design of the new Utah State Flag was a collaborative effort involving citizens, artists, and designers to students, and volunteers. The process began with open forums, public discussions, and design submissions. This ensured that the voice of the people resonated through every step of the way.

The designers aimed to create a flag that embraced Utah's historical roots while projecting a vision of the state's promising future.

Utah State Flags Old and New Designs Flown Together on One Flag Pole

The new flag design was passed during the 2023 legislative session and will become official in March 2024. Governor Cox’s recent executive order allows both flags to be flown in tandem at the State Capitol.

 Utah State Flag New Design for 2024

The new flag for the State of Utah features:

• A large yellow beehive symbolizing community support for a successful Industry –   Industry has been the state motto since 1959. The white star below the beehive  represents Utah's statehood and joining of the Union in 1896.

• Blue represents Utah’s wide-open dark skies, reflective lakes, and core principles such as optimism, freedom, and tradition.

• Red symbolizes courage, perseverance, and the red rocks. White has center pointed highest peak reflecting the state’s majestic snow-capped Rocky Mountains representing peace, truth, and unity.

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New Utah State Crown State Flag

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