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5' x 8' Nylon Military Flags

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Show your patriotic pride with our 5' x 8' Nylon Military Flags!

Crafted with durable nylon fabric, each flag features the seals and colors of the five United States military branches. These flags proudly represent the strength and values of unity, service, bravery, and integrity embodied by our service members.

All of our United States Military Flags are made from 200 Denier nylon. The material is designed to be lightweight and present the fullest visual effect while retaining strength and durability. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor presentation. All flags finished with a heavy canvas heading and brass grommets for easy installation.

All our Military Flags are 100% Made in the USA.


• All our US flags are 100% made in America with sewn stripes, beautiful embroidered stars and fray resistant lock stitching.

• Our nylon flags are made of 200 Denier

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5' x 8'