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Windscale 8 Pole Banner Bracket System

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The Windscale 8 pole banner bracket system is a complete kit for pole banner.

This kit is recommended for banners 16" to 24" wide X 36" to 48" in length.

This system is graded using the Beaufort Wind Force Scale. Rated at Windscale 8, this banner bracket system can withstand winds up to 46 mph.


• Two (2) Windscale 8 Aluminum Pole Banner Brackets

• Two (2) Heavy-Duty 3/4" Fiberglass Banner Rods (choose length)

• Two (2) Pole Banner Rod Safety Pins

• Two (2) Tie Wraps

• Four (4) 27 Inch Stainless Steel Adjustable Banding Strap (black)


Bracket: Cast Aluminum

Poles: Fiberglass

Safety Pins: Stainless Steel

Banding Straps: Stainless Steel

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5-1/4" x(H) x 1-1/2" (W) x 2-1/2" (D)